A larp by NotOnlyLarp
about faith, hope & capitalism.

What are you willing to sacrifice to survive?


New world | Faith | Hope | Capitalism
Space exploration | Difficult choices


Player’s body | Sexual violence | Sexism
LGBTQphobia | Religion | Racism | Nationalism

The World

Earth is dying, and the world governments have collapsed. Noddack, the entrepreneur, magnate, and owner of Optimi™, believes the only hope for the future of mankind is in space. Enter ZERO, the colony ship that will bring thousands of people to a new world. Though it will require hundreds of years of travel to get there, at the end of the journey, the future of Earth’s travelers awaits in a solar system with three habitable planets: Kepler, Rhea, and Deimos.

The Experience

Zero is a story about a colony spaceship crew composed of humans and androids, with very few resources other than a functional ship to pilot to a New Eden.

It’s about regular people who suddenly wake up in the middle of an interstellar trip finding themselves in charge of the fate of thousands of people who are sleeping, as well as the seeds and genetic material to save at least a part of what once was Earth, their home.

We want to tell a story of both the excitement and hope of a new world, but also the desperation and sadness at the loss of Earth, its people, and the lives they left behind. They owe their chance of survival to a corporation that decided who deserved a ticket to the ship and who didn’t – and they need to come to terms with that.

Zero will also focus on interpersonal relationships and stories between relatives, friends, foes, or lovers.



Is this larp for me?

The pods are not soundproof. The larp is designed to have a schedule for sleep, but we can’t guarantee total silence. If you prefer to sleep outside of the capsule hostel, you may book a hotel nearby.

Smoking and cooking are forbidden at the location.

What to expect?

  • Problems to solve (technobabble mostly).
  • Long conversations about humanity, the new world they will reach at the end of the trip, the people that were lost.
  • Moral dilemmas
  • Interpersonal drama.
  • Conversations about capitalism and corporations.

What not to expect?

  • The player’s bodies are not part of the game: you can play any character you want regardless of your real-life body and comments over your body shouldn’t happen in-game.
  • Sexual violence.
  • Nationalism, racism and religion are not part of the game.
  • LGBTQphobia and sexism are not part of the larp.



  • BED


When: March 2023

RUN 1 · 4-6 MARCH 2023
RUN 2 · 11-13 MARCH 2023


11.30 Player’s arrival
12 workshop starts
13.30 Lunch
15 Game starts
21 Dinner

8.30 Breakfast
13.30 Lunch
Afternoon/night Larp ends
21 Dinner
Afterlarp party

11 Time to leave the location.


MADRID (SPAIN) The location, 600m2 containing 84 capsules, is located downtown, a 5-minute walk to the Callao subway station. You can reach it from the airport in 40-60 minutes by our Metro subway. It is currently in construction, but we have visited the location, and it looks great.

Number of players:


Tickets: Regular | Reduced

REGULAR: 315 €
REDUCED: 195 €
We have 2 reduced tickets available. Any player can donate to the reduced ticket program during signup. For logistical reasons, the donation cannot be reimbursed if you drop out.

What is included in the ticket?

– Accommodation in an individual pod.
– Meals from Saturday lunch to Sunday dinner. 
– Uniform rental. We believe every player, no matter their size, should look cool in their uniform.


First payment: 95 €. When we confirm the spot.

Second payment: The difference. By 15th Nov.


If you have paid for a ticket, you can receive a refund up to 60 days before the event. We will keep a fee of 95€ in order to cover administrative costs and in order to be able to offer the ticket at a reduced cost to late replacements.
After that date, no refunds will be given.

Any player can donate to the reduced ticket program during sign up. For logistical reasons, the donation cannot be reimbursed if you drop out.


Due to recent changes in covid legislation in Spain, right now is not possible for us to ask for covid tests or deny the entrance of covid positive people to an event, so this means a change in our covid protocols.

This is an example of a covid protocol of an event we have in November (Violetas).
– We kindly ask you not to go to big events before the larp.
– We can’t ask you for a covid test anymore, but we kindly ask you to consider not attending the larp if you are covid positive.
– If you are covid positive, and you come to the larp, we will ask you to wear an FPP2 mask, social distance yourself and sleep in the covid room.
– If you test positive during the event we will ask you to wear an FPP2 mask, social distance yourself and sleep in the covid room.

We will update you with the covid legislation news, and closer to the event we will send you the final rules, but we will strictly follow Spanish laws and recommendations of the Health Ministry.

Travel to Spain
Right now, if you come from a Schengen country, you won’t be asked for any passport or proof of vaccine. If you come from outside Schengen, you must take a 24-hour quick test.
This might change too, please check the travel situation of your specific case closer to the event.
  • HALL


Not Only Larp Safety System

Our safety system relies on the ability of players to set and respect boundaries, be able to say safe words, and be able to speak with the safety team in case you are not ok. If you have trouble doing that, this larp is not for you.

This document is inspired by the safety documents from Conscience, Living Games Conference, New World Magischola, and Just a Little Lovin’.

Code of conduct

  1. People are more important than the larp. Safety is our priority. Respect all the game security rules.

  1. Each person’s body is their own. They alone may set their boundaries and say what makes them comfortable. Please be clear in establishing your limits, both physical and emotional. Don’t be afraid to modify your limits if you wish to during the game.

  1. Consent must be freely given, vocalized and is considered inviolable. Respect everyone’s boundaries and don’t tease, gossip about, ostracize or retaliate against someone who has set a consent boundary. In fact, we would like you to thank your fellow co-players for setting boundaries, as practicing active consent negotiations allows everyone to feel more comfortable.

  1. Off-game harassment, abuse, or assault of any participant – or using the alibi of being in character to harass, abuse, or assault a player – are not tolerated. This includes any reference to the race, gender identity or presentation, sexuality, body size, conventional beauty, age, and experience of the player.

  1. Each participant is responsible for their own actions; for reading, understanding and abiding by the Code of Conduct; and for the consequences of their actions to others.

  1. Should anyone harm another member, whether intended to do so or not, the player must accept responsibility for their own behavior. If you are informed about this kind of situation, you are expected to reflect on your behavior and seek to change it. Don’t deflect, blame, or become defensive if you are informed that you have harmed someone.

  1. No one should ostracize or retaliate against any member for setting a consent boundary or for making a report of harassment or abuse.

  1. If you witness someone behaving in a manner that is against our Code of Conduct, we encourage you to ask them to stop. Please inform the Safety Team of the incident. You may report anonymously if you feel more comfortable doing so, and we will respect your privacy.

  1. Inform Not Only Larp team about any health problems or allergies we should take into consideration.

Safe words

Emergency: “Emergency, stop playing.” Everyone should stop their scene.

Players should announce their intentions to give the other player the chance to say a safe word:

– Green. When someone uses this, it means the rest of the players can raise their game intensity. It is a suggestion, not an order.

– Yellow. When someone uses this, the other players have to lower their game intensity. This is an order you have to follow.

– Red. The scene stops immediately. This is an order. If a participant uses this, the other players involved in the scene should ask them what they need.

Safe space

This is an out of game space that works as a safety net for the players. If your play is having any negative impact on you, you can come here and eat, rebalance, relax, or sleep. You’ll find a walkie to contact the safety team.

Are you OK?

Gamemasters or other players can ask if a player is ok with this sign:

You can reply with:

“Yes, I am OK”.

“Not sure”.

This hand signal, which means the player doesn’t quite know how they feel, or that it’s neither good or bad. Please ask the player if they want to stop the scene.

“No, I am not”.

Please bring the player to the safe space. If the player doesn’t answer, stop the scene.

Medical Team

NotOnlyLarp has a First Aid Team to deal with any health problems that might occur during the event. Please inform us about any health problems or allergies we should take into consideration and the way to deal with them should they arise. We also want to know any player willing to volunteer in helping our First Aid Team.

We have a first aid kit, but this does not include medication; everyone has to bring their own.

Unfortunately we don’t have a psychologist in the team, but safety team members can speak with players in confidence.

Safety Team

NotOnlyLarp has a Safety Team to deal with any issue that can be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct or threaten attendee safety.
Feel free to raise any complaint to our Safety Team. Each complaint received will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Esperanza Montero, Alexandra “Lu” Beck and Kai Simon Fredriksen.


NotOnlyLarp’s definition of harassment may not necessarily align with legal definitions of harassment. Therefore, attendees should regard the following guidelines as expectations of conduct in addition to legally actionable actions. In other words, the legal expectations of tangible proof are not necessary for the Safety Team to take action upon a complaint.

For our purposes, harassment includes:

  • Verbal comments or displayed images that denigrate individuals based upon gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, political beliefs, philosophies, geographic origin, or socioeconomic status;
  • Body policing, including gender policing in all bathrooms;
  • Non-consensual physical or emotional interactions;
  • Non-consensual sexual acts.
  • Unwelcome sexual attention, whether verbal or physical.

This harassment policy applies to both in-person and online activities. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. Not Only Larp volunteers and committee members are also subject to the anti-harassment policy.


We will provide members of the Safety Team with detailed instructions and training procedures in case of a violation of code emergency. Attendees can report harassment at any time:

Before the event:

If you are privy to information about harassment towards yourself or someone else by someone in the community at large, please email us at notonlylarp@gmail.com. Please include as many details as you consider necessary. These messages will remain strictly confidential, known only to the safety team. Reports received about registered attendees before the event are subject to the same consequences as those received during the game.

Please note that if a harassment issue occurs, at least one of us will need to speak firsthand to the person involved. We will keep any identifying information restricted to the safety team. It’s our policy because we know how misinformation can be spread accidentally between multiple people. We trust everyone here to be honest, but we will require firsthand information before we can take action as a general policy. Anyone in the safety team who personally knows the people involved in the incident won’t be able to make decisions about it.

During the event:

If a violation of the Code of Conduct becomes known, please a member of the Safety Team as soon as necessary. You can reach them personally or through any other member of NotOnlyLarp’s team. We will also provide contact information for on-staff Safety members at the start of the event in case of emergency.

After the event: You may choose to wait until after the event to report a violation, in which case, please email notonlylarp@gmail.com

Disciplinary Steps are organized into two levels based upon the severity of the violation.

Level 1: Monitoring the individual in question, pulling the individual aside to discuss the violation, and/or issuing verbal warnings.

Level 2:

Removing the individual from the game and, potentially, from future NotOnlyLarp events.


Espe Montero


Owned by two cats, day job spent selling Saas. Currently located in Madrid, Spain.

Espe is a feminist, LGBTQ+ activist, and a firm believer in larptivism, i.e. larp’s potential to raise awareness and inspire social change.

They started NotOnlyLarp with Enrique and other friends, and is usually the project manager and producer of NOL’s larps. She finds that running a larp requires similar abilities as organizing a human rights demonstration.

She lives with a chronic pain condition that makes them the designated LARP runner from a bed.

Laura T’Soni


Laura is owned by Nymeria, a beautiful black dog who has strong opinions against her slave leaving constantly from home and not feeding and petting her as she should do.

Laura T’Soni is a Larp addicted creature®; having started playing in 2008, she soon jumped into larp creation, writing and organization, initially in Spain, and many years later, in international orgas as NotOnlyLarp.

She has many talents, like creating almost anything you can imagine from scrap with her hands, being an evil (but lovely) creature, loving animals, especially dogs, and making players cry.

Currently based in Barcelona, when she is not larping, playing videogames or reading, she works as a Product Manager (which, in her opinion, is basically nothing but larping)



When she’s not in Spain larping, she lives in South-Western Germany with an elderly cat, works as a logistics manager, and alternates between her passion for working out, tabletop rpgs, online larps, and food.

Lu is a roleplaying addict with 15+ years of larp experience. She started larping internationally in 2016 and has since been part of numerous events, both as an organizer, a team member, or just a player – and not only because you can’t spell volunteer without ‘Lu’. She’s passionate about and fascinated by the many facets and opportunities larping has to offer: as an educational tool, as a way to explore emotions and personal connections, and an opportunity to both gain a deeper understanding of historical events and social issues, as well as furthering personal growth.

At NotOnlyLarp, she’s part of the design, safety and writing teams, as well as the community management and communication.



Linden robot is fueled by coffee.

Linden is an author and world-wanderer currently living in Madrid. Their first game was run by NotOnlyLarp, and they’ve been addicted ever since. Now, they bring their expertise as a writer and editor to the team.

Linden is the author of The First Sister trilogy and enjoys plot twists, causing characters pain, and explosions. They run or play tabletop games weekly, and hope to make their players cry.

Kai Simon Frediksen


Norwegian whippet owner, day job spent working as a training manager. Currently located in Oslo, Norway.

Got bitten by the larp bug after joining his first vampire larp back in the 90s. Since then, he has played in, arranged, photographed but never regretted being part of this wonderful and diverse community.

”Inviting others in, not only to tell stories to them but daring to let them change the story, for the story to become something we tell together is a powerful experience. – As a player, I seek to do that experience. As an organizer, I hope to enable it. As a photographer, I seek to document it and make you look great in the process.”



Art director, graphic designer and LARP player/organizer from Asturias, north of Spain, south of Europe.

Dan has an unusual skill to easily get involved in a multitude of really cool projects, done by awesome people like the NotOnlyLarp family.

In the RealWorld®, he is usually in charge of directing the departments of cool and pretty things, with the invaluable help of black coffee, sleepless nights and role-playing games with friends. He started rolling dice at the time of the dinosaurs and has not yet abandoned this fabulous hobby of telling and living stories around the table.

Graphic design is his passion (insert kitten meme here and a lot of lorem ipsum).



We dream awake

Not Only Larp is a Spanish organisation with the aim of creating larps, edularps and changing society with larping.

We have organized larps as Conscience, Mission Together, Blue Flame, Red Center or Thyself for over a thousand players during the last 6 years.

More info at: www.notonlylarp.com

We want to thank Mithur for his assistance in scouting the location. 
Also, we want to thank Mo Holkar, for the help proofreading the website.
Graphic design by Dan.


The signup is open.


We dream awake.


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